The 2019 Stanley Cup Final will see the St. Louis Blues face off against the Boston Bruins, and while both teams are from the U.S., Saskatchewan is strongly represented on the Blues’ bench.

Jaden Schwartz (Wilcox), Tyler Bozak (Regina) and Brayden Schenn (Saskatoon) are preparing for game one in Boston on Monday night, while their families prepare to watch their sons live out their dream.

“He’s just been playing his heart out,” Rick Schwartz, Jaden’s father, said. “He wants to win, he wants the team to win a Cup, and now that dream is coming closer.”

In his seven full seasons with the Blues, this is the closest Jaden has come to winning the cup and the closest the team has come in almost five decades.

Rick said hoisting the Cup would be a dream come true for Jaden, and for the rest of the family.

“It’s every father’s dream of course - every father would say that, or every parent,” Rick said. “It’s a wonderful thing just getting to the NHL, getting that first sniff of ‘hey my kid’s in the NHL,’ and then you get a little greedy and say ‘that’d be nice to win a Stanley Cup.’”

Tyler Bozak is in his first season with the Blues. His father, Mitch, said having the fellow Saskatchewanians by his side has been special.

“We’re in with all feet and we’re having a good time, but we know there’s a big hurdle ahead of them,” Mitch told CTV News on Thursday from St. Louis, where he’s been throughout playoffs.

“We’re trying to keep that all in stride and we’re looking forward to getting this series going.”

“For them to get here is so special,” Mitch added. “Even getting here has been such a battle for them and I’m so proud of all of them. To be able to finish it up would be a phenomenal occurrence, and would be something that I think every player and family dream of.”

Game one of the Stanley Cup Final goes on Monday night in Boston.