A pair of bakers from Weyburn are using their sweet treats to give back to the community, by giving them for free to people who cannot usually afford them

Marie Chisholm and Annika Enslin opened The Rolling Pin Bakery and Café in June and they said business has been steady. But at the end of each day, they take whatever baked goods and sweet treats have not sold and put them into a “Bread Giving Box” in front of the shop.

The box helps them give back to their community, while also finding a use for their unsold items.

“Our business is all about being fresh, everyday fresh and homemade, so what doesn't go at the end of the day goes in the box,” said Enslin. “Everyone is always in a tough situation, at one time in their life. Everyone needs a blessing.”

The co-owners said the response to the box has been positive and customers have even begun purchasing baked goods specifically to go into the box.

“Every morning everything is gone,” said Chisholm. “It's wonderful that people are using it and it seems like no one's really abusing it.”

While the free treats provide some comfort to the less fortunate in Weyburn, the Chamber of Commerce sees initiatives like this as an all-around positive for the city.

"I think other businesses, small businesses especially, really need to understand that the success of their business depends on a strong community,” said Twila Walkeden, the executive director of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce. “They’re going to be a great example and hopefully Saskatchewan wide when everybody sees this, and understands the entrepreneurial spirit and they can maybe find a way to give back themselves.”

The owners of The Rolling Pin hope the Giving Box can continue to set an example for others and put smiles on people’s faces.

"We hope that if there's ever anyone that ever is having a bad week, or a bad month, that they can take advantage of it and it gets some fresh baking to maybe just make their day a little better,” said Chisholm.