Mitch Bozak still gets chills when he thinks about the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup victory.

“I think it’ll be something that will be there forever,” he said. “I hope it is, because it was nice!”

Mitch’s son, Tyler, was one of three Saskatchewan-born players on the Blues' roster this season. Jaden Schwartz and Brayden Schenn rounded out the Saskatchewan contingent.

Jaden and Tyler are bringing the Cup to Regina on Saturday. On Thursday morning, their dads, Mitch and Rick, stopped by CTV Morning Live to tee up the celebrations.

“There was tears flowing, there were hugs, and everyone was so relieved that we finally did it,” Rick said of the team’s win.

Jaden was drafted by the Blues in 2010 and has played in St. Louis ever since. He had 12 goals in the Blues’ Cup run, leading the team in scoring.

With three Sask. boys on the roster, the Blues quickly became the province’s team as they battled the Boston Bruin in the Cup final.

“It was so fun for us, because when we were down there, we heard so much media about three Saskatchewan guys on the team,” Rick said. “That made us very proud about that and it’s very good for Saskatchewan minor hockey, SHA, and having three guys go through the system and lifting the Cup.”

“There was a lot of togetherness there,” Mitch said.

Jaden gets his day with the Cup on July 6, before passing it off to Tyler on July 7. The Regina products decided to combine forces on Saturday to share their success with the Queen City.

“I know they’re excited about coming back home,” Mitch said. “To be able to bring the Cup here, it meant a lot to them and it’s a special moment that they can share their achievement with the whole province because they understand how much the province supports them.”

The pair will start the day visiting a local hospital before the Cup heads to the Saskatchewan legislative building at 11:30 a.m. There will be opportunities for Regina hockey fans to take photos and meet the players during the event.