Southern Saskatchewan is in the middle of a deep freeze, brought on by arctic air.

Most temperatures across the province Friday continue to stay well below minus 30, with wind chills making it feel even colder.

The brutal temperatures can be deadly for anyone without proper shelter. The Regina Salvation Army says as of Thursday its shelter hasn’t reached capacity yet, but they know they’re needed.

“We’re there to give people hope and help,” said Wayne McDonough with the Salvation Army. “We know there are a lot of people in our communities that struggle.”

According to Environment Canada, this weather is dangerous for anyone spending time outside, making proper winter clothing an essential.

“People really need to cover up. Just a few minutes outside with exposed skin can be quite hazardous for frostbite and frostnip,” meteorologist Amanda Prysizney told CTV News.

School buses are cancelled in most communities across the province Friday, but regular vehicles can also run into problems as a result of the cold.

One tow truck operator says making sure to plug in is one way to avoid some trouble on a frigid morning.

“Days like [Thursday] with the extreme cold, there’s lots of boosting, a lot of people are getting their cars towed to dealerships, garages to warm up and get their batteries replaced,” said Skyler Baillie with Baillie Boys Towing in Yorkton.

With record cold temperatures being set in certain areas of the province Thursday, temperatures are expected to warm up around 10 degrees next week, although it’s still expected to be colder than average for this time of year.

With files from CTV Yorkton's Nathaniel Dove