Friends and family came together on Wednesday to make 1,200 cookies for students and staff of Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School, to remember 15 year-old, Athan McEwen. LeBoldus was the school Athan attended when he passed away.

“He was such a little person. His heart was enormous and he was always the first one to try anything. He wasn’t scared of anything and he always tried,” said Athan’s father, Sean Mcewin.

The cookies were made in the shape of a butterfly. The family says they visited a psychic who told them Athan will visit them in the future in the form of a butterfly.

“We just want to keep his bright spirit and amazing energy going and do whatever we can in order to keep that going,” said Brittany Dobranski, a close family member.

The cookies were colored Kawasaki green with Athan’s favorite number, 237 to share his love for motocross.

A green cake was also sent to Miller Comprehensive High School to Athan’s welding class.

“Athan would have been the first person to plan and execute making all these cookies for someone so I hope he’s enjoying this and I hope he’s looking down and enjoying what we’re doing,” said Athan’s mother, Sophie Maroudias.

Athan’s uncle Leo Pantel is the Conexus Arts Centre’s head chef and the centre also lent its kitchen so the family could bake all the cookies on time.

Last summer, on the evening of June 22, Athan was with his friends at the South Leisure Centre parking lot on the 200 block of Sunset Drive. The family says a friend accidentally ran over Athan with a truck.

“Athan’s friends have really struggled with this. So we feel that this will bring a little bit of happiness to them and keep Athan’s memory going, There’s been a lot of tragedy at the school in 2018 and this will help” added Athan’s father.

On Thursday the cookies were given to the students and staff. While it was difficult for both the students and school staff, the family hopes the cookies will cheer everyone up and continue to help with their healing process.

“He lit up the room as soon as he walked in, his smile just made you want to smile. He loved everyone and it showed,” said Dobranski.