Update: Dahl's body was found by police on April 1.

The family of a missing man who disappeared three weeks ago has travelled to Regina in hopes of finding him.

Mathew Dahl's sister Stephanie and her fiance drove to Regina from Kelowna to help spread the word.

Stephanie says she made the trip to put in legwork. Along with talking to people around the city, they've put up posters in high-traffic areas, so people will see his face.

Dahl was last seen March 8 in the area of Fourth Avenue and Forget Street around 3 a.m. He was reported missing on March 10.

On Wednesday, police reported his vehicle, a black 2014 Buick Enclave, was found in a rural location northwest of the city.

Stephanie says this is out of character for her brother, who lives in Regina and has a girlfriend and son.

"He's got a whole lot of people that really love him and really want him to come back home no matter what,” Stephanie said.

“It doesn't matter, anything that he thinks would prevent him from being able to come home and have everything be okay, it is nothing compared to finding him safe."