Spectators will be warned not to drink the tap water at Regina’s new football stadium when the first game is played in the facility this weekend.

The City of Regina says the tap water at the new Mosaic Stadium is not suitable for drinking during Saturday’s test game between the University of Regina Rams and the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

Water samples were taken from the site this week as part of tests to building, mechanical and electrical systems.

“The purpose of this testing is to catch potential problems and we did – that’s good,” Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said in a news release Thursday.

“This is isolated to the stadium and we have a back-up plan to deal with this.”

The city plans to station water tankers at the site, and attendees are being encouraged to bring their own drinking bottles to fill up. Non-alcoholic sealed drinks under 591 ml can also be brought to the game, and bottled water will be available for purchase at the stadium.

Signs will be posted at the entrance to all 23 washrooms on the main concourse and over sinks, warning people not to drink the water. Washroom attendants will also be on hand to remind fans of the water advisory.

Kim Onrait, Regina’s executive director of city services and major projects, says that when the water lines were flushed, debris, including gravel and stones, was found in the pipes, which affected the pressure. Officials say that’s normal during the start-up of a new facility. The stadium’s fire suppression system is not affected.

“It is not clear at this time how the debris got into the pipes but until further notice, we are restricting the water for public consumption,” Onrait said.

Fougere says more water samples have been sent to the provincial lab for testing, and results are expected to come back Friday.

“As always, we have taken this step today to ensure public safety – our top priority,” Fougere said. “It should not discourage fans from coming to new Mosaic and putting this iconic stadium to the test.”