devin pacholik

The social media accounts affiliated with the Regina Public Library have recently been garnering extra attention.

The man behind the account says his goal is to help the community see the library through his eyes.

“I’m just trying to let people feel the way I feel about the library,” Marketing and Communications Administrator Devin Pacholik said. “Which is that it’s the greatest place in the world.”

Pacholik also refers to his job title as “meme lord."

Pacholik says everyone who works at the library has a certain passion for the work they do, to run not only ten branches across the city, but also a space that acts as a community centre.

He says the response his approach to RPL’s social media has resonated with staff across the city.

“People I haven’t met yet who are my coworkers message me and they’re like ‘yes, that’s how I feel about the library,’” Pacholik said.

In terms of the public's response to the new social media approach the library's Twitter page, @OfficialRPL, has seen a 700 per cent increase in engagement.

“People are using Photoshop and MS Paint to make fan art for the library,” Pacholik said. “That’s the dream, that’s how I want people to feel when they think of the library.”

Why is the library important?

“This is an election year and we want candidates to know that libraries are important to their community,” he said. “If they see this kind of positive engagement with their city, we don’t have to convince them,” Pacholik said.

He stressed that the library isn’t just a place to take out books, but a community centre and safe place for many.

“It’s a place to go if you’re lonely, if you’re scared, if you’re confused,” he said.

What resources does the library have?

Every Regina Public Library branch is outfitted with a variety of resources that some are surprised to learn of.


The digital media studio is a soundproof recording space available to the public for recording audiobooks, podcasts, music, or whatever they desire.

“Some of these memes I’ve been making, you can do that at the library for free,” Pacholik said. “There’s camera equipment, a green screen, computer programs that are very expensive that you have access to for free.”

The RPL features a bookclub program for visually impaired patrons, with audiobooks.

“There a whole wing where staff help them and give them recommendations,” he said. “Community outreach in itself is a whole other wing of taking care of vulnerable people, like new Canadians. Teaching language skills, just the educational aspect of it is so vast.

“If posting funny memes on Twitter gets people through the door to use what is theirs to use, that's amazing."


The library has too many resources to list all of them here including 3D printers, digitization of VHS to DVD, outreach for entrepreneurs and newcomers to Canada, books clubs and musical instruments. Click here to view all the resources the RPL has to offer.