Femi is a respected community and visionary leader. With two degrees in geology and concluding a doctorate in business administration, Femi is an accomplished educator, business owner, chartered director, and President/CEO of a number of nonprofit organizations with a combined experience of over three decades in board governance, management, policy and leadership.

Femi and his church community have revitalized their neighbourhood and transformed an environment known for prostitution, drug use and disposed needles to a safe place of gathering and recreation for children in the community.

Femi has been married for over 33 years. He believes that strong families make strong communities. He is a strong advocate for education, youth employment and training, safety, good public services, housing and defending rights of renters and owners.

Femi and Remi are blessed with three adult daughters who are accomplished in their chosen fields of medicine, international & community development and engineering.

Website: www.electfemi.org/