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Fences surrounding Regina city hall removed

Crews removed the fences surrounding Regina’s city hall courtyard on Thursday.

The fencing was erected in late July after residents of a tent encampment were forced out. The city said they would have bylaw enforcement officers stationed around the clock.

The city believes it was time the fencing came down.

“I was asking weekly was there still reason to have the fence up to make sure that the grass continues to recover so recently the parks staff said no, it’s looking pretty good,” said Niki Anderson, Regina’s city manager.

The city says the area was a mess but has since been cleaned up.

“I would say there was urine, there was feces, there was needles, there was blood so again not exactly knowing what constitutes a biohazard, I would say that there were things in the area that we wouldn’t allow,” Anderson said.

A temporary fence surrounding Knox Metropolitan United Church also came down. Some folks visiting the downtown feel it’s a complex situation.

“I know it’s public property but it also belongs to city hall, the grounds there and it is kind of a mess but what can the homeless people do? I don’t know,” said Regina resident, Ken Carswell.

The city does not want another tent encampment on the city hall front lawn. A private security firm is now patrolling the courtyard and bylaw enforcement officers are available around the clock should any situation arise. Top Stories

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