REGINA -- The City of Regina’s Finance and Administration Committee is recommending council approve additional funding for the redevelopment of Maple Leaf Pool.

The committee is recommending an additional $880,000 in funds toward the project.

City Administration says the timeline of when Maple Leaf pool could be reopened was always a concern. Administration says the official opening is schedules for 2021.

"Maple Leaf Pool is the only recreational facility we have in our neighbourhood,” Executive Director of the Heritage Community Association Shayna Stock said. “It’s the only place where people have that’s kind of a neutral safe place for people to gather especially in the summer months. It’s a place for people to cool down. For people to socialize with one another, make friends and it’s a safe place in a neighbourhood where there is lots of unsafe things happening at times."

The additional funds would come from the Recreation/Cultural Capital Program. Administration says there is $3 million in that account right now.

This item will come up at City Council on Feb. 26.