The First Nations University of Canada held their 41st annual Spring Celebration Powwow at the Brandt Centre over the long weekend.

Originally the Powwow was organized by students to help wrap up a stressful time of year.

“Right about now they're writing final exams, and finishing their terms, and they thought 'what a great time to celebrate,’" said Richard Missens, a member of the First Nations University Powwow Committee. “The first one was small, it was held on the university campus, and then it grew to what we have here this weekend,”

The powwow brought hundreds of dancers together from across the province and beyond. The dancers of all ages take part in more than 30 different dances, recognizing the past generations that helped pass down these traditional dances.

“We dance for those who can't dance, we dance for the elders who sit and watch and feel good, we dance for the ones who are sick,” said Robyn Morin, a participant in the powwow.

Although the types of dances vary, the powwow prides itself on bringing everyone together no matter the reason for dancing.

"When you come together, hear the drums, see the dancers, you get this good energy, this good vibe. And you'll be able to go into final exams well energized and motivated," said Navarone Thunderchild, a student at the First Nations University. “Everybody is welcome. It's all tribes coming together and getting together to dance and celebrate life.”

Based on a report by Stefanie Davis