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Flooding prompts RM of Lajord to declare state of emergency

The RM of Lajord has declared a state of emergency and is seeking government disaster assistance following flooding just east of Regina.

Thousands of acres of crops have also been destroyed due to Wascana Creek overflowed.

One farmer said he lost between 300 and 400 acres of crop.

“We had a big rain event ten days ago now last Monday … but unfortunately to the east and south of here, there was accusations of anywhere from four to six inches so that water all got into the creek system,” Farmer Todd Lewis said.

The Reeve of the RM of Lajord said he hopes to provide whatever help he can to residents.

“We’ve never done this before so I don’t know how this is going to work out for them,” Reeve Armond Gervais said. “Hopefully they can get some money out of it if it works for us, for the RM.”

Local officials had communicated with the City of Regina to have a dike lifted under the Albert Street bridge that would have allowed more water to flow through. The barriers were removed last weekend but it was too late.

“It’s pretty tough when you get six inches of rain and it all comes at once and pounds everything hard and it just runs off. Nothing soaks in,” said Erwin Beitel, Director of Wascana Conservation and Development.

Farmers in the area say there has been more flooding along Wascana Creek in recent years, driven by more intense storms. Some believe it’s the result of climate change and will require modification to water management practices. Top Stories

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