REGINA -- A 14-year-old girl that began testimony at a second-degree murder trial of a Regina boy on Thursday, finished testifying on Friday.

The witness continued recalling what she remembered from an October 2018 party where 16-year-old Erica Hill died.

A boy has been charged with the offence over Hill’s death. He and several other witnesses cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The witness said she remembers Hill being hurt, and leaving the house about three to five minutes after. The witness said after leaving the party, she ran into a group of boys that included the accused. She said the accused wanted to put his vest in a backpack she was carrying.

“I just gave him the backpack, and then they put the vest in the backpack,” the witness said.

The witness said her back was turned when the vest was being put in the bag, so she was unsure of who all put what in the bag.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Andreea Nistor then testified during her examination of Hill, she used a CT Scan to locate a large pool of blood in the right side for Hill’s chest. Dr. Nistor said that a significant vascular injury had occurred.

“Some clothing were stained or even soaked with blood,” Dr. Nistor said.

Dr. Nistor said she noticed a wound above the clavicle on the right side of Hill that appeared to be a stab wound.

“The most likely instrument was a blade,” Dr. Nistor said.

An autopsy photo of Hill was shown to court and Dr. Nistor confirmed the wound and several bruises on Hill’s body. Dr. Nistor said the wound was about five centimetres deep and a bit of Hill’s lung was cut. Dr. Nistor confirmed an internal autopsy photo displayed to court showed Hill’s right lung was collapsed.

Other photos confirmed hemorrhaging inside the body and a cut to the internal jugular vein. Dr. Nistor said 1.2 litres of blood had pooled inside of Hill’s body.

“The cause of death was the stab wound of the chest,” Dr. Nistor said.

Dr. Nistor was shown two single edged knives found by police and she confirmed either could have been the knife that caused the wound on Hill.

During cross examination, Dr. Nistor said it is possible for a double edged blade to make the kind of wound found on Hill.

Biology reporting scientist with the RCMP, Jasmine Robitaille, appeared by video on Friday afternoon and told court blood that matched Hill’s DNA was discovered on the vest that was found in the backpack.

Robitaille also confirmed a stain on a knife found in the backpack matched Hill’s DNA.

Robitaille said at least three individuals DNA was on the knife, but the majority of the DNA on the knife did not match the accused, but instead another person from the party.

The trial is set to resume on Monday and is expected to last another week.