Holding a seat on Regina’s city council is currently considered a part-time job. But one former councillor is hoping to change that.

Louis Browne will be presenting a letter to council on Monday night suggesting councillors should be paid more for the role, and that it should be a full-time job.

“This is certainly not a critique of our current or past councillors, but rather an observation that our current and past councillors have not been empowered to dedicate themselves to city hall,” the letter says.

Ward 2 representative Bob Hawkins says he’s concerned that asking for a full-time commitment could be difficult, since some councillors have other jobs or are taking care of a family.

“For many people, they couldn’t possibly consider running for council if they weren’t interested in municipal affairs,” Hawkins said. “The remuneration is not such that you could give up your full-time job.”

Hawkins works as a professor at the University of Regina. He’s held his position on council for the past six years. He does want council to look into the letter’s recommendations.

“There was a time when being on council meant that you went to a couple meetings a month and maybe took a phone call or two,” Hawkins said. “It’s completely different. The city is much bigger and the problems are much more complex.”

The letter is just a series of suggestions that hopes to spark a conversation about major changes to being a councillor in Regina.