REGINA -- The former Artistic and Executive Director of the Regina Folk Festival (RFF) is arguing that she was wrongfully dismissed from her role earlier this year.

In court documents obtained by CTV News Regina, Sandra Butel alleges in a claim against the RFF, that she "faithfully, diligently and consistently performed all of her duties" during her 20-year stint with the Folk Festival.

RFF contends in its statement of defence, that Butel was fired due to "significant misconduct, insubordination and failures in leadership and judgement." Allegations include using the N-word in a work setting and making sexually harassing comments towards staff.

Butel was placed on a paid leave of absence in December 2019 and she was terminated by the RFF Board on Feb. 21, 2020 after a third-party investigation found accusations of harassment regarding Butel to be credible.

"The actions of [Butel], as substantiated by the Folk Investigation run contrary to the core values of the RFF, undermine the RFF’s mission, and are unacceptable for any stakeholder or participant within the RFF organization," reads the RFF statement of defence.

In her statement of claim, filed on April 21, Butel says she was dismissed without just cause and is seeking 20 months’ salary plus damages.

The RFF claims that Butel was terminated for cause and asks for the statement of claim to be dismissed.

RFF listed numerous incidents of alleged harassment and unprofessional behaviour by Butel in its statement of defence, filed on Thursday. These allegations include Butel using the n-word towards a Black person, used the same word in the work environment and made racist comments from the main stage at the RFF.

The statement of defence also alleges Butel made inappropriate sexual comments and sexualized the RFF staff, including inappropriate sexual comments to a non-binary staff member and referenced sex toys in relation to a staff member’s minor daughter.

It also states Butel "lied to staff, misled them, and treated them in a threatening and aggressive manner."

RRF also alleges in the defence that Butel was "insubordinate" in regards to budget concerns and that she remove herself from being personally named in the credit card used for organizational expenses.

There were also concerns about Butel’s "judgement, leadership and conduct” around the handling of a controversy in the RFF office over a performance by the Dead South in 2019.

In the statement of claim, Butel "denies that any of her conduct described in the allegations constitutes harassment under the RFF’s policies or any applicable law."

According to the RFF defence, the RFF didn’t have a harassment policy in place which applied to Butel’s role, however, the Board consulted with the Ministry of Labour and Workplace Safety and "RFF was under a legal obligation to investigate the allegations."

Butel alleges the Board acted in bad faith in the weeks prior to her being placed on a leave of absence and that her termination was "without just cause, without reasonable notice, and was handled in a high-handed and callous manner."

The RFF contends no decision was made about Butel’s employment status until after the conclusion of the harassment investigation.

None of the allegations have been tested or proven in court.