REGINA -- One of the best quarterbacks in U Sports history will be joining the Regina Rams coaching staff.

Former Rams pivot Noah Picton is joining the University of Regina’s football team as the full time quarterback coach.

“I just liked being around the game really, the program means a lot to me, these coaches are guys that I played for so there’s a lot of familiarity,” Picton said, during the team’s second full practice of the season.

Mark McConkey, the Rams’ interim head coach, was the offensive coordination for four of the five seasons Picton played for the Rams.

“There’s lots of really good players who aren’t always the best coaches and then there’s some players who weren’t always the best but they’re great coaches, Noah has it all,” McConkey said.

In 2019, Picton’s first year following graduation from the squad, he assisted the coaching staff. Despite having an unofficial role, the 25-year-old influenced the play calling and even had input on who the starting quarterback should be.

“Noah has a big say in that and he even helps me pick the starting receivers,” McConkey said.

“I liked the X’s and O’s part when I played,” Picton said. “As a coach that’s really what you’re engaged in, the scheming and the game planning.”

This year there won’t be any conference games to strategize for, as U-Sports cancelled the season due to COVID-19.

Last year’s starter Josh Donnelly played with Picton in his rookie season, so there’s a unique player coach situation.

“I think the relationship is different. Obviously, he’s my friend as well, so it has that aspect to it but I think at the same time there’s still that level of respect between player and coach,” said Donnelly.

Picton’s final year on the field with the Rams was full of drama.

The team forfeited three wins due to an eligibility issue and the Hec Crighton winner ended the season on the injured list. But Picton didn’t take this coaching position to seek closure.

“I like being around here,” Picton said. “It’s not that I’m trying to gain something or get something back. I like being around the group, I like being around the Regina Rams and coaching football.”