A 68-year-old man is facing charges after an investigation into historic allegations involving a young girl.

Marcel Dubroy of Smithers, B.C. was a gymnastics coach at the Queen City Gymanstics Club (QCGC) in Regina at the time the alleged offenses occurred. Charges include sexual exploitation position of trust, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault on a person under the age of 16.

The alleged offences would have taken place between 2002 and 2008, when the accused was the coach of the victim.

According to a statement from QCGC, Dubroy was removed from all duties at the Regina gym in 2014. The reasons for his dismisall were not related to his current suspension.

"Please be assured that the safety of all Queen City Gymnastics Club athletes and members is our primary concern and we support Gymnastics BC’s/Gymnastics Canada’s swift action to ensure that Mr. Dubroy is suspended from all activities involving any gymnasts pending the outcome of the investigative process," QCGC said.

Dubroy was working at the Smithers Saltors Gymnastics Club in B.C. The club told CTV News that Dubroy is on an indefinite leave of absence, won’t be involved in any club activities and isn’t permitted on the premises.

He is suspended from coaching nationwide, effective May 21.

Regina police were made aware of the allegations in November 2018 by the Ottawa Police Service, who took the original report.

The victim, now 30, alleged that the coach committed sexual offences against her over a period of several years when she lived in Regina.

Dubroy was coaching young athletes when he was interviewed by investigators in Smithers, according to police. He was suspended by Gymnastics Canada in May as a result of the investigation.

Though police do not normally include details of an accused person’s occupation, this case presented special circumstances.

“The alleged offences are the result of the position of authority and trust held by the accused over the victim during the years that he was her gymnastics coach,” RPS said in a press release.

The suspect was released on an undertaking and will appear in court on July 17.