After some wet conditions over the last few weeks, people around southern Saskatchewan are back outside seeing benefits from the temperatures upwards of 30 degrees.

Dan Langmaier is a farmer north of Regina who is happy to be back in the field after last week's rainfall halted production for farmers.

“We did nothing,” Langmaier said. “We sat for at least a week, so it’s nice to get back going again.”

Langmaier is hoping the hot, dry and windy conditions continue so farmers have enough time to finish up their harvest.

"They're ideal for everyone,” he said. “A chance to get caught up and get some of the grain in the bin before it gets spoiled."

Langmaier said it's been a tough growing season for producers. He said usually by now all of his crops are in the bin, but this year, he still has about 75 per cent left to go.

“Just mother nature,” he said. “Everything is two weeks behind and then rain at the wrong time. It just is what it is."

CTV Regina Weather Specialist Warren Dean said the warm weather we're seeing in the central and southern parts of the province is from a ridge of high pressure that's built up from the south. He said this system is only going to last a few days and by Friday we're expected to be back into seasonal temperatures."

"This isn’t unheard of though,” Dean said. “It’s not the first time we’ve seen temperatures go into the 30s in September but it’s not a common thing. Its unusual if you get say a week and a half of days like this in the thirties or high twenties."

Gardeners at Grow Regina Community Garden are also using the warm weather to pull out this year's harvest and clean up their plots.

"It’s going to dry out the garden so we can clean it out a bit,” Charlene Kozar said. “I'm hoping that maybe this will be the last hot day if I’m able to say that, I love fall weather but it has to be breezy and warm. It is breezy today so we're enjoying it out here."

Kozar said the changing conditions always makes it interesting this time of the year.

"It’s amazing that you put your furnace on one day and the next day you're back into tank tops."

Back in the fields, Langmaier said he's hoping Mother Nature will be kind to farmers in the weeks ahead.

"Four more weeks of this for everyone, it would be nice and get everything in the bin."