The government has removed Balgonie’s Main Street access to the Trans-Canada due to safety concerns.

Crews arrived at the scene around 6 a.m. Friday morning to finish the job started on Thursday. By the time protestors arrived, more of the access road had been demolished.

The community had been fighting to keep a right turn lane off the highway into the town’s business district.

“We’re currently standing in the existing right in lane that’s been here for decades and that has operated safely for decades,” said Balgonie resident Jesse Edwards. “To my knowledge, to all the research I’ve done, I can’t find one accident on record that’s involved turning right into town.”

However, not everyone is disappointed to see the Main Street access closed. People living on the street say it’s much quieter without traffic coming in off the highway.

The Opposition feels the situation was poorly handled.

“They don’t want to lose the right in, right out access to their community,” said NDP MLA Buckley Belanger. “This is another example of how an arrogant government has not kept in touch with the residents that are impacted by the Bypass.”

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has agreed to meet with Balgonie residents to hear their views. The two sides are trying to schedule a meeting for next week.

With files from Wayne Mantyka