The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is calling on Country Thunder to cut ties with the comedy act “Williams and Ree,” following a report of a comment made during a performance at the festival last weekend.

According to FSIN, a complaint was made after the performers commented “I’m sweating more than an Indian on rent day.”

"This is like cultural racism, we don't know where these stereotypes have come from most of the time, exactly, but we all know them, rather than catching ourselves when we start thinking in terms of them, it legitimizes them,” Executive Director of the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan Rhonda Rosenberg said.

Williams and Ree, who call themselves "The Indian and the White Guy," received backlash after hosting the Humboldt Broncos benefit concert. Some concert goers took issue with many of their punchlines, like a moment where Williams sang a song to Ree with the line "shake it for the Indian with the STDs.”

A performance scheduled at the Casino Regina following the Humboldt Broncos benefit concert was cancelled.

“We are calling on the Country Thunder to banish these comedians for their continued racist comments towards First Nations people. They disrespected First Nations people during the Humboldt Broncos benefit concert and it’s a disgrace that they continue to use the same racist act,” FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron said in a release.

Country Thunder says it is looking into the situation and plans to release a statement. Williams and Ree have not responded to a request for comment.

Williams and Ree are scheduled to perform at Country Thunder in Wisconsin on Thursday.