REGINA -- A former board member with Heritage Regina is considering legal action regarding walking tours of Regina’s cemeteries that he created.

Kenton De Jong was on the Heritage Regina board from 2017 to April 2019. During his time on the board, De Jong says he played a large role in researching and creating a walking tour that took place in Regina cemeteries.

When he and Heritage Regina parted ways, he says he didn’t want the tours to stop and was willing to continue sharing the stories from the grave yard independently.

“When I started the tours it wasn’t to make money it was to raise money for the Spanish Flu monument,” said De Jong.

However, continuing the tour would prove to be difficult for De Jong to do on his own.

He says despite filling out the forms the City of Regina required from him, his request was eventually denied. He says the City told him via email correspondence that it works exclusively with Heritage Regina when it comes to historical tours.

Through his communications with the City, De Jong says it was brought to his attention that Heritage Regina may be bringing back the original cemetery tour, though that has not been verified yet.

In the event it does return, De Jong has sent a legal notice to Heritage Regina, to make sure donations are handled in a way he deems are appropriate or else further legal action may occur.

“They were kind of my tours with my information that [Heritage Regina] was presenting. So to find out they were going to go forward with them without consulting me and essentially take money away from what I wanted to fund for the cemetery.... I thought a letter from a lawyer would be necessary.”

The letter was sent to Heritage Regina on Jan. 31.

When contacted by CTV News Heritage Regina declined to comment. CTV News has also reached out to the City of Regina. It has not yet responded.

De Jong says he isn’t concerned with who is telling the stories of the cemetery, as long as they are being told and that any donations from the walking tour go back to helping rebuild the cemeteries.