The secret of an underground strip club is coming to the surface in Regina.

The club, located in east Regina, has been quietly operating for about five months. Now that city officials have word of the business, the future of the establishment is uncertain.

Regina 151 doesn’t disclose its location online, but a building in the city’s east industrial area has the logo on its door. According to the club’s website, it operates as a private event facility. Only club members can come through the doors — and anyone not on the guest list won’t be allowed in.

The club is only open during events advertised on its Facebook page.

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority says the club is acting without a liquor permit. However, the club believes it’s in the clear because it serves alcohol as a “complimentary perk” to its members during events.

Members wear mask upon entering the establishment and have to leave their cell phones at the coat check.

While it’s not entirely clear what goes on behind closed doors, posters promoting on of their events show silhouettes of pole dancers.

The city says it’s looking into whether or not the club is violating zoning bylaws, since it is operating in an industrial zone.

“The administration is looking into whether this operation, this facility is operating within our bylaws, and that review is taking place right now,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere.

The city expects the results of the investigation to be released soon. If the club is violating any bylaws, it will be asked to shut down.

CTV News reached out to the owner of Regina 151 for comment and did not receive a response.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Cole Davenport