Gasoline prices in Regina and Saskatoon are expected to stay around $2.04 per litre on Canada Day Friday, according to the latest prediction from Gas Wizard Thursday morning.

Gas price history

While not rising, the price is also not dropping like many other Canadian cities are expected to see.

Drops as high as 11 cents are being predicted for Toronto and much of the GTA, according to Gas Wizard.

That drop can partly be attributed to Ontario dropping its provincial gas tax.

About 6.5 cents of the expected 11 cent drop is due to the relaxation of Onatrio's gas tax.

Gas Wizard is also predicting Vancouver prices to drop by seven cents and sit at an average price of $2.14 for regular unleaded.

Diesel is also expected to remain at an average price of $2.19 in the Queen City over the next day or so.

According to, regular fuel can be found for as low as $1.92.9 in Regina on Thursday.