REGINA -- Jered Kirkland has felt a mixture of emotions after the family decided it was time to close the business.

“It’s happy and sad,” said Kirkland, who’s helped build Globe Fabrics for about 20 years. “It’s always been a part of my life, even before I was a working age.”

The store is bidding farewell after being in business for over 50 years.

It’s been a family business for three generations since 1967.

“I would come here, play hide and seek, let the grandparents and parents do some work, and now my kids come here and play hide and seek,” said Kirkland, reflecting on the past.

Jered’s grandfather, Hartwig Hoffman, originally started Globe Enterprises Inc.

The company had owned a manufacturing business called Standard Mattress, but it quickly saw demand for fabric in Regina.

Erica Kirkland, who owns the business with her husband Russ, said the business was much different back then.  

“That’s how my dad did it, even when he was purchasing. It was just like, ‘Yeah, give me four boxes of that and give me this and give me that.’ By goose and by gander, he just kind of went,” she said.

Erica and Russ took over in 1988.

They raised three children while running the business. They added upholstery and paint services as a way to remain successful.  

“It's a hard business. You’ve got to work hard to make your money,” Erica said.  “When my dad was doing it, when it first started, it was easy. It was just because we were the only ones selling fabric and everybody bought in masses.”

The Kirklands say multiple factors led to the decision to close.

However, they noted the fabric market has expanded over the last five decades with demand declining and more options online.

Jared said it’s important to shop local.

“If you have to spend an extra dollar, well your dollar is staying in Regina as opposed to, you know, Amazon,” he said.

Despite closing, they’re grateful for long-time staff and customers who have kept them going all these years.

“The service is what we prided ourselves on for years so I think the customers will miss our service and our knowledge and our friendly staff,” Jered said.

They’re looking forward to their next chapter.

Erica said they love to travel, and hope to do so when it’s safe again.

“If we get to Arizona in March, we'll be happy,” she said. “We have a place there, so we would be able to go on a whim … we do have places we can go to and you know, just chill out a little bit.”

The Kirklands still own the Globe Fabrics Building, which will be taken over by 1080 Architects in November.

Meanwhile, Globe Fabrics is liquidating its remaining stock.

The Kirklands are also open to donating any leftover materials. They hope to close the doors at the end of October.

“It’s wonderful to see customers appreciating the fabric and I’ve heard wonderful comments about what beautiful fabric we have, so it’s just nice to be able to at least have it go out and be appreciated,” Erica said. 

The store closes on Nov. 1.