Many theatre productions are packed with bright lights, loud music and action. But some people can’t handle that high level of stimulation. That's why the Globe Theatre is offering a relaxed performance for its production of ‘A Christmas Carol.’

“It's for people or family members who are on the autism spectrum, also for families with small children, and also for people that have auditory sensitivities,” said Ruth Smillie, Globe Theatre’s artistic director and CEO.

Lighting and staging is adjusted for the special show. Patrons are also allowed to wear sound-blocking headphones, and disruptions by patrons are expected.

There is also a quiet room outside the theatre if patrons need a break from the show.

“I think it's every parent's worst nightmare, being that parent with the screaming child,” said Misty Selinger. The mother of two young boys attended the Globe Theatre’s first relaxed performance; it was a showing of ‘The Little Mermaid.’

“When I went in, I knew that the house lights would be left on. I knew that, if I needed to leave the theatre with my children, that would be fine,” said Selinger. “We could come in and out as many times as we needed to.”

Actor Mark Claxton plays Bob Cratchit in the play. He said he looks forward to performing in the adapted show.

“Theatre always presents the risk of interruptions and the unexpected, and that's part of the joy of it and the challenge of it. That's what makes it alive,” said Claxton. “I think the same principal applies for a relaxed performance.”

You can catch the relaxed performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’ Saturday, Nov. 25.