REGINA -- The province is offering some clarity for those wondering if they can spend time outside while self-isolating.

“These are unusual times,” Dr. Saqib Shahab said. “We need to balance the need for physical distancing with the need for human contact.”

Haven't travelled? Walk with appropriate distance

Shahab said that if you have not recently returned from international travel and have not come into contact with the virus, you are safe to step outside and take a walk as long as proper physical distancing is practiced if you come into contact with those outside your household.

Self-isolating after travel? Stay home

Taking a walk or going outside is not permitted if you are isolating because you are unwell, in contact with someone who has the virus or because you recently returned from travel. These people need to take the highest level of precautions to not spread the virus. Dr. Shahab said if you live in an apartment he advises staying in your suite to avoid common space like elevators and hallways.

Shahab also said people self-isolating after travel without symptoms or a diagnosis can spend time in their yards, as long as they maintain proper distance from their neighbours.

“Use your good old fashioned Saskatchewan common sense in ensuring that you are staying away from people,” Premier Scott Moe said.