The provincial government has appointed a supervisor to oversee general operations of the R.M. of McKillop.

Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding made the announcement following recommendations from a recent inspector’s report into the R.M. Vern Palmer, a retired rural municipality administrator, will hold the position for one year.

“Mr. Palmer brings 35 years of municipal experience and has a strong, hands-on familiarity with the management and operation of R.M.s,” Kaeding said. “His appointment is after careful examination of an inspector’s report and recommendations. The provincial government will now in good faith give the supervisor and this R.M.’s council the opportunity to do their work.”

The inspection had several key recommendations, including appointing a supervisor, directing the R.M.’s council to work with residents of Sun Dale on a new utility rate bylaw, following through on a referendum for proposed boundary alterations, and completing a financial and management audit.

The province received the report on Sept. 15 after the government ordered an official inspection into governance and administration of the R.M.