The provincial government is asking the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations to weigh in on its meeting with the Justice for our Stolen Children camp on Monday.

Justice Minister Don Morgan said Tuesday that the government had received a list of requests from the protesters — including calls to reform justice and social services, along with an inquiry into the death of Haven Dubois. The protesters would also like the government to launch an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous men.

"The appropriate course of action is to contact our various First Nations partners, the tribal councils and FSIN and say, these are the issues, we are hearing about it,” Morgan said. “Do you want this particular group of people to be your spokesman? Or do you want to have a round table and work with us going forward?"

Morgan said the government now plans to bring that list to the FSIN. The government is looking to find out if the camp speaks for the people, or if the FSIN could help in the matter.

“We don’t exclude anybody. We’re inclusive,” said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. “We’re inclusive of those voices, such as (protester) Prescott Demas and others, Debbie Baptiste. The reality is there, we have to have change. The change must happen. We can’t say who can and can’t speak. That’s not our job.”

Cameron says changes must be implemented. He encourages all voices to continue to speak up.