With Easter long weekend underway, hundreds of kids headed to Government House to participate in an Easter egg hunt.

The hunt was all about searching for Easter eggs and finding the missing letters, which are hidden throughout the museum.

“We have been looking around the Government House,” eight-year-old Brooklyn Jubelvill Miller said. “We have been looking upstairs in the government’s room, the princess's room, the guest room and the back room.”

Government House is hosting this event for the second year in a row.

“Last year we had surprisingly about 500 people show up and we were not expecting it to be so popular,” said Government House manager, Monique Goffinet Miller. “This year we saw that popularity and we had over 800 people, closer to 900 people just yesterday alone. And today we are seeing hundreds more coming through the museum for this event.”

Organizers said events like these expose people to Government House and the rich history of Saskatchewan.

It’s the first time Miller has visited Government House, but she said she’s planning more trips to the museum in the future.  

"I never actually have been here before. It looks really cool in here," Miller said.  

With a growing popularity, the Government House is planning to expand the Easter egg hunt for next year and make it an annual event.