After the Saskatchewan government planned to phase out highway rest stops, it has decided to reconsider.

The change was met with criticism from the trucking industry, who say rest stops are vital to their work.

When you need a rest and a place to pull over, especially with the E logs coming these days you're going to find that a lot of guys are spending the nights there," Trucker Tyler Ewart said.

There used to be dozens of government run rest areas along Saskatchewan highways. Now, only nine remain. Last week, the government announced that those would close.

"So what we need to look at is between what exists in terms of private sector facilities and other tourism type facilities that are on the highways system,” Dough Wakabayashi with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure said. “What gaps are there and where do we need places for people to pull off the side of the road as well."

The government has struck an industry committee to study the matter. In the meantime the nine remaining rest stops will remain open, but washrooms will be closed at all but two locations.