REGINA -- Ten Grade 12 students in the community of Gravelbourg have their graduation photos hung proudly along Main Street.

École Gravelbourg School wanted the students to still feel celebrated and recognized, even though they won’t have a gradation ceremony.


Grade 12 student, Favour Joshua saw her photo along Main Street for the first time on Monday, as she lives in another community. She said she was very happy to be celebrated in the community this way.

“This is my first time seeing it and I was so excited,” Joshua said. “Everyone has seen my picture expect me. And I came over here today and I was like this is so beautiful.”

The excitement for the banners is shared by Joshua’s sister, Gloria Neufeld.

“To drive down the street and see this, you’re like yah, you go girl! So very very exciting and heartwarming,” Neufeld said. “And then the kids know they’re supported, they know they’re loved and we appreciate them.”

Joshua said she was disappointed when she found out her graduation ceremony was cancelled, but she understands why it was necessary.

“I know the government is trying,” Joshua said. “The social distancing is for our own good so we can’t have a gathering and put everyone at risk. It’s something that’s understandable and everyone should understand why.”

The principal at École Gravelbourg School said the banners are a way to still recognize the achievements of all the students.

“You spend the 12 years educating the students so that they’re ready for the real world and the way they handled the situation is nothing short of mature,” Principal of École Gravelbourg School, Patricia Alexander said. “It shows us all that they’re ready to go out into the world and follow their dreams.”