REGINA -- Businesses and organizations in Saskatchewan are adapting to new restrictions, after the new COVID-19 measures came into effect on Friday.

Some businesses are adapting and some are shutting down all together.

Dance Dimensions, a studio which offers a variety of classes, won’t continue to offer in person classes despite being allowed to have eight students at a time.

“For us we are basically forced into a Zoom situation or online program,” Kara Chernishenko, the owner of Dance Dimensions, said.

The studio typically offers 70 classes a week, each with 17-19 dancers. But starting Friday, classes are shifting online and dancers will have to pick up choreography virtually.

“Doing correction and getting it and being able to see through a camera what a teacher is doing, what’s expected of them is a lot harder to do than it would be in person,” Chernishenko said, adding her enrollment is down 30 per cent from last year.

Talia Allingham has been dancing for 16 years and is disappointed with the restrictions.

“With our school systems changing constantly, all the new restrictions coming out, this was the one thing that kept us grounded,” said Allingham. “Especially with the winter season coming and seasonal depression and what not, that’s a very challenging thing to not have the one thing that maybe is the reason you wake up in the morning.”

Performance and gaming venues, which include casinos, bingo halls, arenas, live theaters, movie theaters and performing arts venues are now restricted to 30 people per venue. Earlier this week, 150 people were allowed.

All five Amalgamated Charities bingo halls in Saskatchewan are choosing to close until the Dec. 17, despite being allowed to stay open.

“The 30 person capacity doesn’t allow us to make enough money to cover our bills and have money to be able to disperse to our charities,” Patsy Warren, the president and COO of Amalgamated Charities. “The other reason too is the utmost safety of our staff, charities and customers.”

Indoor public event gatherings are limited to 30 people, which is the same for places of worship. This includes weddings, funerals and baptisms. Food and beverage isn’t allowed.

Holy Rosary Cathedral is holding three masses on Sunday, which allows for a total of 90 worshipers throughout the day. However, the attendees must call ahead and register to attend.

Other places of worship, like the Regina Apostolic Church, have shifted Sunday services online due to the number of staff required to run in-person worship.

The new restrictions are in place until Dec. 17.