REGINA -- Hackers made it through the first level of security for Saskatchewan’s eHealth records over the weekend, locking the government out of some systems.

Jim Hornell with eHealth Saskatchewan told CTV News the hackers are demanding the government pay an unspecified ransom to get the system back under its control.

The system stores Saskatchewan residents' personal health data, but the government believes nothing was stolen.

“It seems like some of our files, more administrative files, right now are being held hostage through this system, so some of our internal staff can’t access some of their work for doing their daily operations. But clearly patient information has not left the system, we’re monitoring that very closely,” said Hornell.

The NDP opposition feels the government bears some responsibility for the attack.

“The ministry of health has a responsibility to ensure that eHealth is supported, so that it can do its job. But unfortunately we’ve seen a consistent inability to provide that support on behalf of the government,” said Vicki Mowat, an NDP MLA.

Hornell says Saskatchewan’s health record system is attacked approximately 100,000 times a day.

“Cyber security and cybercrime is a huge enterprise and we are constantly under attack,” said Hornell.

The health agency says they will not pay the ransom demanded by hackers and the case has been turned over to police for investigation.