REGINA -- Around half of the homes in Regina exceed the minimum radon exposure limit, according to researchers.

A province-wide campaign has been launched to teach residents about the dangers of radon.

According to the Evict Radon national study, Saskatchewan residents are the second-highest radon exposed population on Earth.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, radon is a known carcinogen and is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke.

One in three Saskatchewan homes have high levels of radon. In Regina, that number is one in two homes.

"The exact reasons why here is a problem, especially here in Regina, we don't know yet," said Aaron Goodarzi, lead researcher on Evict Radon. "We need the citizens of Regina and the surrounding area and all of Saskatchewan to sign up with the study so we can understand this."

The study is made up of cancer researchers, geologists and architects to learn more about how radon gets into homes.

Regina residents are asked to sign up for testing to help find solutions to keep radon out of their homes.