Producers in Saskatchewan were able to make progress harvesting, despite a few cool, rainy days.

According to this week’s crop report 18 per cent of crops have been harvested, up from 11 per cent last week. This number is less than half the five year average of 43 per cent for this time of year.

Harvest is furthest ahead in the southwest part of the province where 31 per cent of crops have been combined. The east-central and northeast regions are furthest behind with just eight per cent combined, while the northwest region has seven per cent of crops harvested.

Eighty three per cent of fall rye, 79 per cent of winter wheat, 66 per cent of field peas, 63 per cent of lentils, 28 per cent of barley, 10 per cent of durum, seven per cent of spring wheat and four per cent of canola is now in the bin.

Another 36 per cent of canola is swathed or is ready to straight-cut.

The average crop yield expected are 39 bushels per acres for field peas, 1,452 lbs per acre for lentils, 35 bushels per acres for canola, 23 bushels per acre for flax, 36 bushels per acre for durum, 42 bushels per acre for spring wheat and 66 bushels per acre for barley.

Rainfall ranged from none to 51 mm in the Big Beaver area.

Topsoil moisture is rated as 17 per cent surplus, 75 per cent adequate and eight per cent short. Hay land and pasture moisture is rated as three per cent surplus, 84 per cent adequate, 11 per cent short and two per cent very short.

Producers are waiting for warm, windy and dry conditions before they can return to the field.