Dashcam footage of a collision on Highway 1 east of Regina is raising alarms about the dangers of road rage.

The video, which has more than 60,000 views on Facebook, shows a truck closely following a minivan travelling eastbound in the left lane.

As the right lane opens up, the truck pulls out to pass. It hit the right side of the van before getting back into the left lane.

“When he did pull out beside me, he came out and rammed the side of me, and it looks like his front tire hit my front tire so there is no attempt to pass and it looks quite deliberate,” said Rheanna Dale, who was driving the van.

The van was knocked off the road, while the truck pulled away from the scene.

Dale posted the video to social media in the hopes of identifying the truck and its driver.

“This isn’t about placing the blame or anything, it’s about getting someone to hold accountability for what they did and hopefully prevent someone else from being injured in the future,” Dale said.

“I wasn’t injured but the next person may not be so lucky.”

RCMP told CTV that it is aware of the incident, but did not disclose any more information.

Based on reporting by CTV’s Joey Slattery