REGINA -- Regina's Victoria Square Shopping Centre is inviting families to take their photos with Santa Claus in his office this year.

The new setting in Santa's Office is a way for him to keep his physical distance from families, as a COVID-19 precaution.

Allison and Blake Becker brought their three-month old son, Riker, to Victoria Square Shopping Centre on Monday to have his photo taken with Santa Claus for the first time.

"It's very cool you know, everything is new," Blake said. "It's a little different with COVID-19 going on and stuff like that but you try to keep up the norm as much as possible."

The family said they wanted these photos as a way to remember this son's first Christmas.

"He was born in an amazing time," Blake said. "It's one of those periods in history that will be like no other so he has a unique advantage that way in his birth story."

Families can book their photo session online, and they must wear a mask. Once families are seated on the chairs near Santa they can remove their masks.

"Christmas is a magical time of the year," Santa said. "Of course I couldn't just sit back and say, you know, forget it. It's all for the kids."

For families who don't want to go to the mall for a photo with Santa, a local photographer is putting a twist on her photos with Santa.

Jessica Patzer is photoshopping children and families into a picture with Santa.

Patzer said she was inspired to do this project by her daughter who looks forward to her photo with Santa every year.

"You can't go see Santa but we can still do something where Santa is involved," Patzer said. "Still bring some of that little sparkle with Christmas."