REGINA -- Although times are tough for most businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, several in Regina are doing what they can to give back to the community.

Western Pizza South Albert has been packing individual pizza slices up and delivering them to workers on the front line.

On Thursday, staff members delivered the food to the HealthLine 811 call centre. On Friday, they delivered the pizza to those working at the COVID-19 assessment centre.

Owner Spiro Bonis said the way they’re delivering the pies is different than usual.

“Normally if we’re doing food, we just send a bunch of pizzas. But with this we can’t,” Bonis said. “Everything has to be individually portioned for each individual, so there’s no chance of any cross contamination with people grabbing from the same food.”

Western Pizza has been in the Bonis family for 44 years, and Bonis said he wants to give back to the people helping keep his hometown healthy.

Doughnuts for donation

The Everyday Kitchen bakery has found its own way to give back to those who need it during this time.

“We decided at the beginning of this week that we’d be donating 100 per cent of our profit to different charities around the city,” Mark Shmelinski, co-owner of The Everyday Kitchen said.

This week, the shop will donate its proceeds to The Regina Foodbank, Souls Harbour Rescue Mission and Carmichael Outreach.

Although the shop is staying open, it’s following the rules put in place by the province. It’s only offering delivery and curb side pick up.

The owners are not taking a wage, so they can keep their staff of 13 employees working.

“We just looked at each other and said if we can make this work we need to not only support our staff, but we also need to find a way to support others,” co-owner Katie Shmelinski said. “We just care about our community, that’s why we love this business.”

The Everyday Kitchen will donate to different charities every week, to help spread the support throughout the community.

Katie and Mark said they plan to keep doing this indefinitely, as long as they can handle it financially.