REGINA -- The Regina Catholic School Division said it has submitted a draft of its plan for a potential return to classes to the Response Planning Team (RPT).

In an email to parents, the school division said it spoke with families, staff and employee groups about their experiences during the remainer of the last school year.

From there, the school division submitted a drafted plan to the RPT, and preliminary work began.

The RPT returned that draft with some additions, but the school division said major changes were not required.

The Catholic school division provided a list of areas where efforts to mitigate COVID-19 will be necessary:

  • Cleaning products and protocols
  • Site considerations such as traffic flow, signage, barriers, hand hygiene stations.
  • Operational Considerations, specified by site
  • Transportation
  • Specialty programs and personnel, intensive needs students, specialized instructional staff and support staff
  • Specialty courses: Fine Arts, PAA, Band, Choral, Phys-ed
  • Extracurriculars
  • Procurement of cleaning products and PPE per Canada Health guidelines
  • Education and training for all staff
  • Education and training for parents and students

The school division is creating a mental health strategy as well as a communication plan.

The completed plan will be shared with stakeholders in August.