REGINA -- The COVID-19 pandemic put some restrictions on Halloween this year, so some people in Regina had to get creative with their methods of handing out candy.

Neighbours Keane Baseden and Breanna Fradette worked together to build a two-storey chute. Baseden, who lives one floor above Fradette, tied a chute from his balcony to the trees below.

He said people can stand at the bottom of the chute and they’ll be on the balcony to release the candy down the chute into the trick or treaters’ bags.

“Normally I wouldn’t make that much fuss about Halloween, but this year is just seemed to be extra important to do what we could to connect with other people,” Baseden said.

The neighbours said they were inspired by ideas people from across Canada were posting and knew they had to do something to get involved.

“It’s just really nice to see the community come together and see people really get creative with how they’re going to do Halloween this year,” Fradette said.

Others is Regina decided on a “U-Pick” style of candy delivery. They spaced candy or chips out on their front lawns, and trick or treaters can pick one up and carry on.

Regina resident Lindsay May wanted to find a way for children to avoid pushing a doorbell, so created a step-button system.

“It actually triggers lights inside the house so that when they step four times, it flashes lights and we actually know that they’re here,” May said. “I wanted to make sure that kids and families that did want to trick or treat have the opportunity to do it safely.”

Regina Halloween 1

The Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) also wanted to find a way to help the community celebrate Halloween. The group opened the doors of Mosaic Stadium for trick or treaters to collect candy from various booths while remaining physically distant.

“What we hope is that these kids and families that come to join us will go home with a little bit of candy, a little bit of fun, but most importantly they’ll have a memory, and celebrate a moment that really is unique,” Tim Reid, president and CEO of REAL, said.

On Saturday, the province released a reminder to the public to avoid hosting or attending Halloween parties surpassing the 15 person gathering limit.