REGINA -- The Government of Saskatchewan has released procedures for addressing students with COVID-19 symptoms at school.

School staff will identify an isolation area within the school for students presenting symptoms who are unable to immediately get picked up. The student’s teacher must alert the school official to escort the student to the isolation area.

The staff members must maintain proper physical distancing with the symptomatic student, and wear a mask and face shield during interactions. The student will also be provided with a mask and asked to wear it as long as it is safe for the child to do so.

The student’s caregivers will be immediately contacted to remove the child from the school. Staff will also notify public health of the situation. The caregiver or emergency contact will be responsible for picking up the child. Staff will not transport the child from the school.

An assessment will be conducted by health officials who will direct the school on next steps.

Isolation areas must be disinfected by non-teaching staff. School officials will organize the timely cleaning of the students classroom and desk.

“If a teacher develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they must inform their designated school official to provide alternative arrangements for in-class instruction, as well as to notify their local Public Health contact to conduct an initial assessment and provide direction to the school,” The government said in a news release. “Once the teacher has notified their designated school official, they should immediately leave the school facility, and the school cleaning and disinfection procedures will take place.”

Teaching staff will keep records of seating arrangements to assist possible contact tracing efforts.