REGINA -- The City of Regina says businesses can avoid plumbing issues by flushing their pipes when they re-open under the Saskatchewan government’s five-phase plan.

The first phase is scheduled for May 4, allowing some medical services like dentists, optometrists and physical therapists to open their doors.

The City says businesses that have been closed for several weeks should flush their pipes by running water through all outlets and flushing toilets. The cold water lines should be flushed first, followed by hot water lines. Flushing should last around 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the plumbing system.

Businesses should also check their drains by walking around the building and pouring water all p-traps and floor drains.

Anyone with continuing issues should call a licensed plumber, the City says.

Businesses re-opening under the province’s second phase on May 19 are also encouraged to follow these steps.