YORKTON -- Although the first day of Spring is still just under one month away, some Saskatchewan greenhouses are looking to get a jumpstart on their gardens for the growing season.

While not all seeds are ready to be planted quite yet, different seeds have a varying germination period which can range anywhere from three to 25 days.

"Anything over 100 days absolutely has to be started early and started now," said Tammy Lauinger, president of the Saskatchewan Greenhouse Growers Association.

She said even though seeds may not need to be planted right now, you shouldn’t put off buying them as they have seen an increase in pre-sales.

"If your heart is set on a certain variety absolutely make sure that you're getting in your purchasing early," Lauinger advised.

Young's Plant World Ltd. has already had people coming in for seeds, and owner Kevin Young started planting for the greenhouse three days ago.

His advice for those new to gardening; use decent soil.

"Nine out of 10 people who have problems with their seedlings at home - it's overwatering," said Young.

He said majority of seeds die from over watering.

Young added a mild fertilizer can also help, as well as reading the label to see what type of growing conditions each seed needs.

"It’s going to tell you whether the seed requires covering or else open to the air," Young explained.

"Get a tray that has no holes, poke holes in the containers your seeding in to so any excess moisture escapes out the bottom.”

Planting seeds and growing a garden requires a lot of patience and acceptance as not everything is going to work out, both Young and Lauinger warn.

On top of patience, gardening can also provide food security and help our mental health.

"To be just touching the dirt, seeing green things, smelling the dirt and you know smelling spring is wonderful," said Lauinger.