REGINA -- With extremely cold temperatures remaining in Saskatchewan, schools are still open, but playgrounds are empty as recess has been held indoors all week.

The Regina Catholic School Division policy is to bring students indoors for recess when the temperature is below -27. Paratransit is canceled at -40, and regular buses don't run at -45.

"We just need to make sure that all of our students are supervised and accounted for. And the other piece is to keep them engaged," St. Josaphat school principal Dean Schwebius said,

Board games have been brought in and teachers are creating different ways to keep kids entertained, but the students have mixed emotions.

"I wish it was like warmer outside so that we could like go play sports or like run around and stuff cause inside we can't really do that,” eighth grade student Logan Peters said.

"I kind of enjoy it right now because we've been having a lot of homework to do, so it kind of gives me a time to finish my homework," eighth grade student Hanna Shorten said

It's a similar process at the Regina Humane Society. The animals do get let outside, but the time is very limited. The humane society says pet owners should do the same.

"You’re going to want to move from the mindset of burning them out physically to burning them out mentally," Life Saving Coordinator for the Regina Humane Society Candace Davis said.

Davis suggests playing hide and seek, trying a new toy, taking the time to learn a new trick, or getting in some grooming.

"We don't encourage people to bring their dogs outside because it's just too cold. Right now you get frost bite within minutes, and as much as we're cold the dogs will also be cold,” Davis said.

The Regina Humane Society is also offering some tips to keep your dog’s mind and body busy indoors.

  • Learn a new trick
  • Hide treats around the house for a scavenger hunt
  • Trim nails
  • Grooming, brushing or bath
  • Shell game, place a few cups on the floor and hide a treat under one of them. Have your pet figure out which one is hiding the snack
  • Practice old tricks
  • Play a game, most pet stores have sell exercise and puzzle games designed for indoor fun
  • Stuff a Kong, fill a Kong with your pets favourite treat
  • Teach the names of toys, teach your pet the names of a few toys and teach him to fetch a specific toy
  • Hide and Seek, hide in the house and have your pet find you