REGINA -- Until it’s safe to do so in court again, all Court of Queen’s Bench jury trials will be held at offsite locations in Saskatchewan during the pandemic.

In Regina, the Conexus Arts Centre is being used for jury selection and jury trials.

In other communities, court services will determine where the offsite location will be.

Anyone entering the building must follow a designated lineup, have their temperature checked and go through security.

Masks are mandatory and single-use masks are available if needed. Hand sanitizer is available around almost every corner.

Potential jury members are seated in different levels of the auditorium and spread out to allow physical distancing. They are called onto the stage to go through the process of selection.

The proceedings of a jury trial in Regina are being held in the lower level convention area of the centre.

Unlike a court house, the jury is spread out when they are seated.

The gallery is also spread out to allow for distancing.

The lawyers have a microphone on their tables, which they are asked to speak into so the entire court can hear what they are saying.

The judge and witnesses are also given a microphone.The accused sits in a makeshift dock, opposite to the jury.

Televisions are placed throughout the court room.

A technician switches between showing the judge, jury, witnesses or evidence on the screens.

Cameras are placed in the court room to provide different angles. It also features surround sound audio.