REGINA -- Regina residents lined up outside Sarcan locations to trade in their recyclables on Monday as locations around the city reopened to serve the public.

A line up was seen outside the Victoria Avenue East location on Monday morning.


“I just checked the time. I’ve been standing here for two hours,” said customer Jennifer Rosnes. “I live in a condo and everything has been on my balcony. The smell and the dirtiness and everything, it just had to go.”

Customers must follow floor markers and signs indicating physical distancing. There will be physical barriers between customers and employees. Additional cleaning a sanitization practices are in place.

Travis Longman had been waiting in line for more than two hours. He had nine black garbage bags full of recyclables.

“We had a bunch of bottles in our basement that we desperately needed to get rid of,” said Longman.

There are three options for customers. The traditional option, if you prefer to go in person and get cash. The “drop and go” option allows people to drop off their bottles and receive an electronic deposit or cheque. The third option is for anyone with large amounts of recycling, these customers will be handled like a bulk customer in the back.

“We’re trying to be as flexible as possible when you are bringing in all your stuff,” said Nolan Hubbard-Richards, a communications spokesperson for Sarcan Recycling. “Due to the long time we’ve been closed, we know that people have been accumulating more and more than what they would have.”

Sarcan is asking only one person per household come to drop off bottles and cans.