If smashing things sounds like a good time, there’s now a place specifically to do just that in the Queen City: the Regina Rage Room.

The business is located on Rose St. in the Warehouse District, south of the Centennial Shopping Centre and opened at the end of July.

“The Rage Room is just somewhere that you come to break stuff, you don’t have to be raging at all it’s just somewhere to have fun,” said Morgan Turner, the owner. “You can break anything, you can break things from your grandma’s tea set to a clock to a TV. We have pretty much everything in our store room.”

And if it’s not in the store room, you can bring it yourself and hit it around with a range of tools at your disposal including baseball bats, golf clubs and more.

Those using the space have to wear safety gear like a jumpsuit and mask, but once suited up you’re cleared to destroy.

“Bring a friend if you want, you’re welcome to come by yourself, but come, suit up, buy a package and let off the rage that you need to,” Turner said. “You finally have the freedom to break things.”

Turner says the idea started with helping a friend get through a tough time and grew from there. She says it’s something she wishes was around when she was younger.

“I could’ve really used this. My parent’s walls probably would’ve appreciated the fact that I wasn’t punching holes, and I was able to come and just let off a little bit of that teen angst,” Turner told CTV News. “Being in high school and elementary school a lot goes on that parents aren’t always aware of.”

It’s for that reason the Regina Rage Room is now open for kids as young as 10 with parental consent and presence, but anyone 16 or older can come use the room without parental supervision.

During September, teachers and other educators are getting a discount to use the rage room just in time for back to school.

With files from CTV News Regina's Jessica Smith