REGINA -- A Saskatchewan sphinx cat is gaining popularity on Instagram due to her high-fashion outfits.

The five-year-old feline, Prunella, has amassed thousands of followers for her costumes which range from evening gowns to cosplay.

Prunella Sphinx 3

“Prunella has an extensive wardrobe of handmade clothing that started shortly after I got her,” said Dee Kitsch, Prunella’s owner.

Prunella has about as many outfits as she does wrinkles, and Kitsch estimates there are more than 50 garments in Prunella’s wardrobe.

Prunella Sphinx 2

She’s caught the eye of many on social media and the hairless cat has developed a fan base.

“Sometimes people on the internet find pictures of her and do their own versions of her photos and repost!” Kitsch said.

Prunella’s relaxed demeanor makes it easy for her to wear outfits and even go on regular outings. She’s a frequent visitor at Kitsch’s work at the Regina Warehouse District, but her ensembles have some in the office feeling underdressed.

“I don’t think anyone can out-dress Prunella,” says Leasa Gibbons, Kitsch’s boss. “Just seeing her wardrobe and how detailed they are it’s pretty amazing. I certainly haven’t had this many gowns or outfits to this level yet, it’s pretty intimidating.”

While the outfits look like they are fresh off a Paris runway, they are sewn by Kitsch’s aunt, Pat Duchek, who lives near Esterhazy, Sask.

Prunella the Sphinx

Duchek is a talented seamstress who is making outfits for two spinx cats, as Prunella has a country cousin named Ruby.

“And now my aunt has to sew two of everything,” explained Kitsch.

Most of the material utilized for the costumes is second-hand, and while the upcycled cat couture could be sold for a pretty penny, that’s not the point for Duchek.

“I don’t necessarily have to get money, I love to give things away. That’s my biggest thing I give most of it away!” Duchek said.

Prunella Sphinx 4

Duchek has already lost count of how many sphinx outfits she has made, but between the two felines it is well over 100, and she already has dozens of ideas for future outfits.

To see more of Duchek’s creations, visit Prunella’s Instagram @Prunellasphynx.