Regina police are warning the public of a high-risk sexual offender who will be living in the Heritage neighbourhood.

Police say Dennis Richard Gladue, 57, will be living in a supervised federal residential facility in the area. He is considered to a high risk to reoffend sexually or violently.

Gladue is described by police as a Métis man. He is 5’9” tall and weighs around 176 pounds with a medium build.

According to police, Gladue has a criminal history of sexual offences and a risk of reoffending. He poses a high risk for sexual offences against children, police say. They also say the prospects for risk reduction through treatment interventions are low.

Gladue was previously released into the Heritage neighbourhood last May. He was arrested later that month for breaching conditions by going to a public park frequented by children.

Gladue has a number of conditions, including reporting all intimate relationships to his parole officer, not working or volunteering in a place where children under 18 will be present and not going to schools, parks or other areas where children might be present.

Anyone who believes Gladue has broken any of these conditions is asked to contact police.